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All Things Tim Roth

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All Things Tim Roth

All Things

T i m R o t h


Welcome to AllThingsRoth.
This community is dedicated to the British actor & director Tim Roth and will provide you with all kinds of news, pictures, videos, info, interviews & more! We, fouroux & klisa, would be glad to see you join and help us keep this community alive! There will be Members Only posts and other exclusive stuff, so don't forget to join the community.


All posts to the community will be moderated. Please, read the rules carefully. If your post got altered or not accepted, you might want to take a look at the rules again.

• If an interview or article you want to post is longer than 20 lines, please post the rest behind a cut.
• If you want to post more than 1 picture in one post, please put the rest behind a cut. Also, any pictures bigger than 400x400px should be posted behind a cut as well.
• Please check whether what you are about to post has not already been posted.
• Please use our Tag System to keep things nice and organized. Since posts will be moderated, we'll always check the tags, but please try to do it right the first time around.
• Bad language or any form of dissing is not allowed.
• Icon posts (only 3 teaser icons!) or graphics (wallpaper, fanart) involving Tim Roth are allowed.
• If you want to post not work safe stuff, please post it behind a cut and put a warning in your post.
• Also, we won't tolerate any paparazzi pictures, which invade Tim Roth's personal and/or family life. Paparazzi pictures where he looks angry, displeased or unaware are not allowed here.
• We do not support uploads/downloads of DVD rips.


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